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Download Game Onet Second ( 2nd ) Version

For lovers Onet PC game, I'd share pc games Onet first ( 1st ) version. But a lot of bugs on the pc games. Instead, you can download the PC game Onet second ( 2nd ) version of the links below. For those who do not know this game, Onet is a PC game made by Chen Program Study and use the language of China. But you do not need to be confused, because our task in this game only by comparing the same image or Puzzle games

On Onet this second version does not have enough significant differences from the first version of the game. The difference is only a display interface has much changed. If you've played the PC Game Onet first ( 1st ) version, you must feel this second version looks more attractive. For the difficulty level, you do not need to fear because the game is still challenging and makes a terrible headache.

In the first version of games, still can not be used on Windows Vista. On Onet PC game of this second ( 2nd ) version, I also do not know if I can play on Windows Vista or not. For those of you who use Vista OS, please try. For those who want to play PC Game Onet second version, please Download Game Onet second ( 2nd ) version here.

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